Where does talent come from – is it born or made?

Are athletes born to succeed or is sporting success the result of thousands of hours of hard work?

This episode of Insight brings together a range of views about what is required to reach the ultimate elite level in sport or any other skill. BecomingĀ a professional elite athlete, musician or anything really, to be up with the best in the world it requires a range of attributes and circumstances.

For some sports having certain physical characteristics is of great benefit but that’s not all it takes. Skill, passion, dedication, determination, grit… these are other attributes that combine to make a person elite. Interestingly it appears there are a number of pathways a person can take to put together this combination of attributes in their quest to achieve their dreams.

Some fascinating evidence is presented as well as a range of accounts of how individual professional athletes have gone about it. Olympic gold medalists Alisa Camplin and Ruben Kosgei describe their pathways and their are a range of other different personal accounts. Enjoy below…

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