Metabolic Efficiency Testing & VO2max


What is Metabolic Efficiency Testing (MET)?vo2max testing copy

MET is a test that measures your consumption of oxygen and production of carbon dioxide to determine how many calories you burn at different intensity levels and how many of these calories are coming from fat and carbohydrates. The tests are done both at rest and during exercise using either a bike or a treadmill. The exercise test will start easy and gradually increase in intensity until you reach your VO2max (your max ability to use oxygen to produce energy).

 How will these tests help me?

  1. Discover any metabolic dysfunctions
  2. Determine if you are a sugar or a fat burner
  3. Helps improve your fuel plan
  4. Allows you to fine tune your training to improve fat burning ability and endurance
  5. Maximise the effect of each training session by targeting specific heart rates
  6. Understanding how much fuel your body burns at different intensities will help you plan your event better and avoid “hitting the wall” too early

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