Tapering For Marathon Day

Tapering for Marathon Day   To taper for an event like a marathon means reducing training load in the days or weeks prior to the event. “Should I taper?” and “how should I taper?” These are two questions we are commonly asked. To answer these questions we should first touch on what happens to our […]

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Born or Made - Insight Episode

Where does talent come from – is it born or made

Where does talent come from – is it born or made? Are athletes born to succeed or is sporting success the result of thousands of hours of hard work? This episode of Insight brings together a range of views about what is required to reach the ultimate elite level in sport or any other skill. […]

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Jupiter Run Group

Tips For Marathon Day

10 Tips For Marathon Day Having run 45 marathons marathons and ultra-marathons now I have certainly learned a lot of lessons, some of which were very uncomfortable experiences. So I thought I might impart some of that leaning via this blog in a bid to make your marathon day all the more enjoyable.    With everything […]

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health fitness and recovery

Why Do I Need Recovery Days?

Why Do I Need Recovery Days? Recovery days are just as important as the training you are doing. If you are doing a session with high intensity training one day, you should choose a session with lower intensity the next day. If you have had a metabolism test, your low impact sessions would include exercising […]

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metabolism testing weight loss

How to reduce your risk of heart disease

Are Your Unhealthy Habits Slowly Killing You? Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the western world causing 2700 deaths daily which is more than all other cancers combined. Inactivity, smoking, poor diet and excessive drinking can triple your chance of developing this disease. Your heart is the most important muscle in your […]

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metabolism testing-weight-loss-fat-burning

How to get motivation to exercise

Ways to keep motivated to exercise We all need a little motivation now and again… Most of us respond well to being motivated by others, but wouldn’t it be great if we could improve our skills to motivate ourselves? How powerful could that be! We are all motivated by different things, so go searching for what […]

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goal setting weight loss

How to set exercise goals

Goal Setting Setting goals are an important process as it gives you a purpose, keeps you focused and motivates you. Plan your goals well with both long and short term goals in mind using this simple S.M.A.R.T. guide: Specific Specific goals are the most effective. Don’t be vague, know exactly what you want to achieve. […]

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metabolism weight loss

How to eat better for your metabolism

Eat right for your metabolism Your body uses different amount of fuel depending on your activity level. Just like a car uses different amount of fuel when stopping at a red light compared to driving around. Meeting the requirements of your body with good fuel is important for your health, your metabolism and your fitness. Not […]

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Why weight can fluctuate with exercise

Why your weight can fluctuate with exercise Excited about finally getting fit and losing weight, you start your new exercise program. Diligently you work hard with your program and a couple of weeks later you find yourself stepping onto the scales to prove that all the hard work has paid off. Shocked, you discover that […]

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Brain measuring

How your brain can slow your metabolism down

Your brain can slow your metabolism down Your metabolism is like the engine of a car, the amount of fuel used depends on the amount of driving around. Like a car burns fuel while stopped with the engine running, your body burns fuel while you are resting (sitting or lying). This is called your Resting Metabolic […]

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