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It is desirable that BMR is measured (indirect calorimetry) where possible rather than predicted… National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia


DSC_0793Jupiter Health is a testing facility within PhysioLogic at Robina. We have been conducting basal and exercise metabolic rate tests for 10 years using the gold standard method, Indirect Calorimetry . We communicate with specialists, doctors, dietitians/nutritionists and exercise physiologists to ensure premium care for each patient with a multidisciplinary approach.

There is an increase in metabolic dysfunctions and health and weight related issues. People frequently seek diet and exercise advice from the internet and other unqualified sources causing poor management of their condition and damaging outcomes.

Indirect Calorimetry is evidence based assessment providing a unique Metabolism Report for each patient. Health professionals can use the results to improve treatment outcomes for their patient.


Indirect Calorimetry is available for your patients here on the Gold Coast

Referral Process

  • Refer your patients by filling in the referral form
  • We will call your patient to organise an appointment
  • Analysis and reports are generated in house by our highly trained, professional team of exercise scientists and physiotherapists
  • Results are provided to the patient in person by us. However, we encourage health professionals to take part in this process and are happy to go through the reports with you so that you can educate your patient
  • The patient’s Metabolism Report is forwarded to you and can be forwarded to any other health professionals caring for the patient
  • A personalised management plan is created by a multidisciplinary team
  • We can prescribe an individualised metabolism exercise program or educate the patient’s exercise physiologist on how to use their results


Studies have shown that estimates of metabolic rate used by practitioners can be inaccurate by more than 800 calories per day compared to measured results.*

Benefits to referrers and patients

resting metabolic rate testMedical professionals are using Indirect Calorimetry reports as best practice nutritional and fitness assessment to gain more insight into their patient’s metabolism aiding in better health management.

  • Indirect Calorimetry removes errors associated with estimate equations, enabling more accurate prescription of diet and exercise plans
  • Metabolism Reports help patient’s understanding of their body’s metabolism in terms of fat and carbohydrate use as fuels and how diet and exercise impact upon their weight
  • Metabolism tests can identify potential metabolic dysfunctions
  • Indirect Calorimetry reports and programs aid in patient compliance and enable assessment of treatment outcomes
  • Indirect Calorimetry facilitates individualised patient care and leads to improved treatment outcomes


We welcome the opportunity to discuss metabolism testing with you and to understand how we can improve our services to you and your patients.

Please contact or call PhysioLogic on 5578 7155.


*Frankenfield DC, Rowe WA, Smith JS, Cooney RN. Validation of several established equations for resting metabolic rate in obese and non-obese people. J Am Diet Assoc. 2003; 103: 1,152-1,159.

De Lorenzo A, Tabliabue A, Andreoli A, Testolin G, Comelli M, Deurenberg P. Measured and predicted resting metabolic rate in Italian males and females, aged 18-59 y. Eur J ClinNutr. 2001; 55(3): 208-214. Van der Ploeg GE, Withers RT. Predicting the resting metabolic rate of 30- 60-year-old Australian males. Eur J ClinNutr 2002;56:701-708.

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