Exercise Metabolism Test – Weight Loss

Metabolism training will maximise your body’s ability to burn fat

An Exercise Metabolism Test measures how your body burns calories while you are exercising. Knowing how your body burns fuel (fat & carbohydrates) allow us to prescribe an appropriate exercise program for you to help you achieve your goals. If your main goal is weight loss, we recommend having both a resting and exercise metabolism test.

We use the most accurate methods available for metabolism testing (Indirect Calorimetry).

How will this test help me?

Maximise fat burning to help reduce fat stores

Know what exercise is best suited to your body

Save time with effective training sessions

Safe & healthy fat loss

Boost your energy levels

Customised 12 week metabolism program designed from your metabolism results

Knowledge about your body for success & lasting results


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Why different people need different exercise programs

The image below shows how different two people burn fat when exercising. The man on the left is clearly burning much more fat than the man on the right. This is why they have to exercise at very different intensity levels to optimise their own fat burning ability.

Comparison of Exercise Metabolism Test of Two Individuals