Indirect Calorimetry / Metabolism Analysis 

The gold standard method in measuring your metabolism. Accurate measurements are crucial for understanding your metabolism and achieving good results with diet and exercise

There are many tests and equations designed to give people an insight into their metabolism. The equations have a high degree of error as they do not take into account many of the factors that cause a person’s individual metabolism to vary.

Indirect calorimetry is the most practical and accurate way to measure your metabolism, whereby the oxygen you use and the carbon dioxide you produce is measured. Like a car, while burning fuel your body uses oxygen (which you breathe in) and produces carbon dioxide (which you breathe out) and measuring this enables us to determine how much fuel you burn.

This test is conducted at rest and during exercise to give a complete profile of how your body burns fuel (carbohydrate and fat). The results from valid metabolic testing are an extremely valuable tool in helping you reach your weight management, health, fitness or sports performance goals.

It is essential that the tests are valid as accuracy of the results is vitally important. Tests should only be conducted in a controlled environment by highly expert professionals using high grade equipment, otherwise there is a strong likelihood of inaccuracies in your results.



Indirect Calorimetry tests we offer:

Resting Metabolic Rate Tests

Exercise Metabolism Tests for Weight Loss

VO2max /Exercise Metabolism Tests


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