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Metabolism Interval Training

interval training fat loss metabolismInterval training is exercise consisting of alternate short periods of high intensity and longer periods of low intensity activity. This method is a time efficient and effective training method to improve fitness. All you need is 20-30 minutes twice per week to get an effect.

Train Your Body To Burn More Fat At Rest

Your body’s ability to burn fat depends on many different factors, from genes and hormone function to diet and lifestyle choices. All these factors will make up the function of your metabolism. Factors that can greatly effect your metabolism are diet and exercise. If you think of your metabolism as your engine, it’s ability to burn fuel will depend on how strong it is. General exercise has a positive effect on your metabolism, however interval training (done correctly*) greatly improves your body’s ability to burn fat. With a stronger metabolism you will not only burn more fat during exercise but also at rest!

Effects Of Interval Training

Interval training improves your muscles ability to burn fat. The rapid change of intensity from a recovered state to a high intensity (e.g a quick change from a low heart rate to a high heart rate) causes chemical reactions inside your muscles that stimulate your body to change. This “shock” to the cells sends a signal telling your body to increase the amount of mitochondria (fat burning “power stations”) in your cells to improve your ability to produce energy. A large amount of research have been done on the effects of high intensity interval training showing the improvements in fat oxidation (reference link below).

*Best results are gained from interval training when meeting two important criteria; a fast increase in heart rate during the interval, then allowing your heart rate to come back to your “recovery zone” again so that your muscle cells can recover before the next interval is repeated.

You can find an example of an interval set here:  Interval training for weight loss


Below you can see how fat burning can improve over time with correct training. The graph is showing how the person is burning fat during exercise at different intensities (heart rates). This lady had a 75% increase in fat burning during exercise and a 58% increase at rest.

Before after met training show fat burning









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