Goal Setting Part 3 – Sports Performance

Regardless of what level of sport you participate in, setting goals will help you in so many ways. Professional, elite athletes with strong coaching and support networks have the opportunity to undertake comprehensive, thorough goal setting processes that contribute greatly to their ultimate success. But it’s not just for the pros, goal setting is great for anyone!

sportAchieving Goals is Good for Our Souls!

You know the buzz you get from achieving any goal. It brings a sense of victory, improved self-confidence, and further increases motivation. Achieving goals makes you feel good about yourself and that is a very healthy way to be. Beyond the physical benefits, participating in sport at any level gives you the opportunity to be regularly achieving goals and continually feel good about yourself. By formalising your goal setting processes you stand to benefit the most, so put some thought into the process, write down your goals and display them somewhere that you will see them everyday.

Map Out Your Path to Success

Depending on your level, major goals may range from finishing a fun run to breaking records. Whatever this may be, the simple fact is that if you haven’t achieved certain short term goals along the way you are unlikely to achieve your major goal. So when you know your major goals then you can develop short term goals to create a pathway leading you to success.

Focus more on training and performance goals than outcome or results goals. Results depend on the performances of others which is out of your control. You have much greater control over your training and performance and if you achieve these goals the results will come. Use these goals to keep you motivated and focused on what you need to do daily or weekly to eventually achieve what you set out to achieve.

Realistic Goals Regularly Revised

Set challenging but realistic goals that give you that opportunity to experience those small victories that improve your self-confidence. Be prepared to revise your goals if things aren’t going according to plan as pushing on regardless may create more trouble than it is worth, especially if injuries crop up. At the same time if things are going better than expected, raise the bar, you may be capable of more than you thought you were.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to be bold and set big long term goals. If you don’t make your dreams your goals, then they will probably only ever be dreams…

Get Into It!

If you are serious about your performance, then all your training sessions should have goals as clear objectives of what you need to achieve in that session. If you are just in it to stay healthy and have fun, then make sure you always have a goal ahead to keep you living that healthy lifestyle. By continually setting and achieving sporting goals you are more likely to live longer, happier and healthier.


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