Basal Metabolic Rate Test (Resting)

Correct calorie intake is crucial for fat burning, optimal energy & effect of training

This test provides important information about your resting metabolism. Your resting/basal metabolism is 60-75% of the total calories your body burns daily. We measure the calories your body burns using the most accurate methods available (Indirect Calorimetry).

How can this test help me?

Lose weight safely & effectively

Reduce your storage of fat

Know how much fat and carbohydrates your body needs

Optimise your energy levels

Improve your stamina and your body’s performance

Discover any problems with your metabolism

Detailed, accurate information for your dietitian


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You can train your body to burn more fat at rest

Below is an example of two quite similar individuals in terms of age, weight and height. However the person on the right burns well over twice the amount of fat at rest!