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Heart rate monitors are a very useful training tool for anyone but this is especially so for anyone fortunate enough to have the results of metabolism testing to guide their training. The big value of metabolism testing is that precise training zones can be determined to ensure you get the most out of your training. Using a heart rate monitor during exercise sessions is generally the best way to monitor how well you are staying within your optimal training zones.

Good heart rate monitors range from very basic ones that include heart rate at a glance as well as a timer/stop watch all the way to the most technologically advanced models which give you more detailed information about your exercise sessions. Some even have GPS capabilities enabling you gauge very accurately factors such as pace and distance travelled. The more advanced a heart rate monitor is, generally the better will be its capabilities for communicating with your computer. Certainly among brands like Garmin and Polar there are models that enable you to document your training over time which can be very helpful when it comes to reviewing your situation.

Heart Rate Monitors:

Garmin, Polar, Suunto and Timex are some options. Your set-up will include a chest strap which communicates with a wrist watch.

iPhone & Android apps:

DigifitGarmin Fit and Polar Beat combined with just the chest strap are a more affordable solution that actually offers a great deal of features. This setup also makes it easy for you to share workout data with us in the case that you want us to give feedback on your exercise sessions. There are actually a number of apps out there that communicate with the Polar and Garmin chest straps and Apple’s new Health app is a promising solution for the future that will bring all these apps into one place for better health management.


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