Follow Up Testing

How do you know if your current diet & training are assisting your metabolism?

Follow up testing is extremely valuable as it shows the true changes to your metabolism. We can then make educated decisions to keep you on track to succeed with your goals.

*Discounted fees for testing within 6 months of your previous test. All appointments may be claimable on health funds.


Resting Re-Test

This test is highly recommended for people with low resting fat burning ability (yellow or red flag on your initial resting test). Your resting fat burning ability will change before you notice change yourself. E.g for weight loss, your engine needs to grow before it is capable of burning more fuel. Which means that weight loss will happen after your metabolism has improved. We recommend that this test is done around week 4-6 of your training program.

If you have made changes to your diet or a sudden increase in training this is also a valuable test for you.

$99 *

Exercise Re-Test

Metabolism training will change your heart rate zones as your metabolism is improving. This test will show all changes to your fitness and we can ensure that you now are working in the most effective zones for you. Recommended re-testing around 3-4 months of your program.

$150 *

Resting & Exercise Re-Tests

A complete metabolism assessment to look at how your body is affected by your current training and diet. This will give us the complete picture of how your metabolism is responding and we can make calculated decisions for further improvements.

$249 *

Your Results

In many cases we can send your new results via email. Depending on your situation, goals and results we may recommend that you come in for an appointment to discuss in more detail (this may also be done by your coach/dietitian/nutritionist).


Please call 5578 7155 to book an appointment