About Jupiter Health

Jupiter Health is a testing facility located within PhysioLogic. We use advanced equipment (Med Graphic gas analyser) to conduct metabolism tests by measuring Oxygen consumption and Carbondioxide production in a controlled environment. This measurement combined with the most resent research allow us to report very accurate findings about each individual’s metabolism.

Our methods are safe, effective and scientifically proven using state of the art equipment and the latest proven research.

Our Promise to You


    Specific To You

    We use your unique metabolism testing results, your current fitness level and your personal goals to design a custom made exercise program for you.

    Safe & Healthy Methods

    We consider your health and your medical and physical history for design of the most appropriate program suited to you.

    We Teach You Why

    We believe knowledge is the power to success. We will teach you why you exercise in certain ways and how this is affecting your body. We want to give you the power to choose what is right for you in the future.

    Lasting Results

    There is no magic, just science and facts. Training your metabolism will give you results and once you know how, you can continue to add these methods into your future routines.

    Accuracy Of Your Test

    We use gold standard equipment for metabolism testing ( Indirect Calorimetry ) that has been used by hospitals and scientists for decades. Our procedures are strictly controlled for most accurate results and we state the level of accuracy on our reports.

    Proven By Research

    Our training methods have been heavily researched and proven to be the most effective in achieving the best metabolic changes in humans.

    You Are In Good Hands

    Jupiter Health is run by a team of professionals with up to 22 years of experience in the field. The team is made up by physiotherapists and exercise scientists allowing a holistic care for your health and fitness.